Sunday, October 14, 2007

Swinburne 5 on 5 basketball tournament

Frankly, I watch 4 basketball matches during Hari Raya holiday break, I feel so guilty for leaving my assignments aside. I had promise myself to finish it all by today, but it is yet, undone.

Anyway, the final match of the tournament was 'intense'. Especially the championship competition match, both team players were like flying with speed, and their defense as well as team work can be seen improved drastically since their first match in the tournament.

Bronze Medal Competition Match
Happy Go Lucky

Championship Competition Match
East Side

Well before the game started, I notice something unusual on the trophies. Lets take a look at the trophies.
Look at the height of the trophies, the middle one and the one on the right. As in usual, the middle one should be 1st runner up and the one at the right should be 2nd runner up.

However, these trophies are different. They got messed up with each other - The tall one is for 2nd runner up, whereas the short one is for 1st runner up. Strange huh~ Moreover, the 1st runner up was written into '1' runner up, without the 'st'. XD

The tall 2nd runner up and short '1' runner up
During the match between Happy Go Lucky and Anything, Happy Go Lucky was leading the score far far away very obviously. And there hardly for foul, only 4 fouls in the overall match. On the other hand, Anything performance was not as good as they used to, maybe because their main center - the big, tall ang mo lang is not here. It can see that they are trying very hard to get the rebounds from the opponent, thus their speed is relatively lower than Happy Go Lucky's two main player - Ian and Roy (team captain of Happy Go Lucky)

There is no doubt for the speed of Ian and Roy, every team who face them will have a big problem is defensing them, as they pass through most of the defense easily in a very face pace.

And the result for this match was 61:28.

*It is raining now, big thunderstorm..have to offline soon...the story will be continue tomorow

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