Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Im in Sushi Desire Mood

I do not know what happen to me. But what actually appearing in my mind is just SUSHI!!! I cant get rid of the visual of them!

Sushi jumping here and there, the rice, egg, prawn, sauce....and the chef...

I'm totally crazy about sushi. I cant wait till Friday..for purchasing lots and lots of sushi at my aunt's stall in the charity fair

I wish i can have these pen drives. But it is quite dangerous too as you might find one day the pen drive is lost. You know why? Because TT eat it..haha
These are all my favorites!!! sushi!

The Jackpot sushi! This will be my dream meal...wahaha
These are quite delicious though. But i prefer it without the 'wasapi' in between. Cause there is once i bite it and the smell of the wasapi rush out...and its like your mouth are fill with spice gas.. =_=
Cirashi Sushi! LArge One!

Anyone can make all of these for me? =D


Eric said...

wasabi nothing one lah.. just open your mouth big big to let the gas escape, then no more spicy liao..

Crystalbelle said...

haha...thats a good idea though. By the way, i just found out that there will be a sushi making day in swinburne soon...hiak hiak. I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

There will be a sushi making day in swinburne soon. Really? OMG! i like sushi too and now im so crazy bout ramen.