Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Asia Pacific Dance Competition

The tickets and brochures for the competition at the first night

There are actually two nights in this dance competition. Our group was arranged at the 2nd night for the category of ensemble open, demi-character open and group open. However, the first night was actually more on the children category as well as the under 16s. The children are so cute! If the organizer was not patrolling the hall for the whole night, i would have all the cute pictures now =( sob sob..what a disappointment...

Another great news is that Min Yi had got the first prize on the Tap solo under 16! And En Rui had got Honourable Mansion in the Modern Jazz solo category! What a cool dance, nice choreograph steps..She Bang! Congratulations! Other than that Erika's costume was sexy..looks like a pink rose with Mexican color style skirt =D

The flower girls
This was the picture i secretly took during their rehearsal in the morning time XP

Thus, after watching the show on the first night, we were so nervous. All the solos and ensembles for the open category was so impressive. Big pressure...And without any delay, we change into our pyjamas at the first minute we reach our condominium. All of us was actually wanting to get a good night sleep in order to charge our energy for the battle on the next day.


On the next day, it was such a surprise that everyone woke up around 6am. And I was the one who was holding a pillow with my eyes open without doing anything for about 15 minutes. Everyone was rushing to the bathroom, in and out from the room, wandering at the living room...

After having our breakfast, we went for our rehearsal on the stage. By the time we reach there, Dance Spectrum's dancers were already on stage, rehearsing their ensemble and solos. Quite attention-grabbing dance. The steps were enough powerful and works well with their song. And of course, ours were good enough too. haha..

And after the rehearsal, we went to sommerset to prepare ourselves. Have lunch, make-up, prepare costumes, iron costumes.....

And we also took some pictures before leaving the condominium. =D to take a good nice shot before competition...

From the left: Angelina, Jia Zhen, me and Aderine
Do you notice I'm holding a tissue on my hand? XD Actually it was for my eye shadow..

Rushing to the front to get into the frame..Angelina was so pity, become the ham for me and Jia Zhen..Haha

Adeline Pei (the one with blue jean jacket) was so attractive in this picture..=D She was actually the master piece of Miss January. As her make up was done by her.

My cute friends XP
From the left : Julie, Wei Lee, Jia Zhen, Kah Ying; the one on top with the peace sign was Sindy, she always call herself cute little girl =_=

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