Sunday, May 27, 2007

Singapore..I'm Coming!!

I'll be going to Singapore soon! Very very soon! In fact its just few hours to go!

The flight is at 9pm tonight...very strange, my feeling are in both exciting and idea on what is happening. As I'll be at Singapore for 7 days...I'll miss you all..sniff sniff

However, don't think that Tyng Tyng is going there for fun. Actually, I'm going there for a summer school course. Which mean a week of full with dancing-training...and u know? The duration of practice is not short. From 9am till 4.15pm...wAH!! 8 hours and 15 minutes of dancing in everyday...My legs will be "ooH La La"..

The year before last year, when i was in Singapore, my life are like that. From morning dance till night time..However, on that time, my stamina is quite ok...a piece of chocolate can last for half a day of invigorating exercise...but now =_= dunno still got that kind of stamina onot...sigh...mayb it will recover back after these training in Singapore.
The Event Calendar...I'm going to the summer school and the celebration of dance and also the Asia Pacific Dance competition!!

Singapore Summer School's bulletin, I will be in level 6..hehe ^^

Asia Pacific Competition

Well, I got to go.. Wish me luck! All the best! I'll miss you all!! Must miss me too! Haha..

*can message me if u miss me, i'll still bring my original hp no =P

I will miss u all!! C you all in a week time!!! Sayonara!! Must miss me!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Guardian Angels are back

My parents are back!! Finally! 3 days of cooperating with my bro, finally the guardian angels are back... =P

Well, i woke up quite early in this morning, about 8 something. But then i was lying on the bed for with my eyes open for 4 hours ( i dunno what had happen actually), I just stared at the ceiling and dreaming..until my V3i rang out of the sudden... =_=" And its Angela, messaging me that she is listening to a talk about beauty...And when i look at the time, its already 12 goodness..

So i quickly wake up and vacuum the whole house before my mum get back..After was that, me and my bro went to kenyalang to tapao our brunch...the sad point is, the claypot noodle does not taste nice, its just like bitting the texture of sand..sigh..

However, before that, i went to my fashion shop to take some pic for the advertisement for the international dance festival magazine..which will be coming out in June..

Tyng Fashion banner

Anyone wana buy shoes? this is not the latest one actually, there are few more nice one..For further enquiries, please visit tyng fashion at Jalan Simpang Tiga. =P

Other than that, i saw a mashimaro wedding car in the evening today!! It just behind my car! So cute~

Mashimaro dolly in front of the car!! I took tis pic inside my car and the mashimaro wedding car is in behind...

The most important thing is that, my parents are back. And my mum had bought me a lip gloss...which is from korea ^^

Saturday, May 19, 2007

With little Angels

Today is Saturday, which is the day of being a full day dance teacher at Tyng dance academy. Once a week, I'll be a full day dance instructor and Shan Shan will be the assistant. Its quite tiring but i really enjoy it..

Can watch my students dance by themselves and having fun in the dance studio, it seems to be a success tough X) I admit sometimes they are naughty and playful like little devils but sometimes they are quite cute and seems to be angels...

Kah Hui and Shania are trying to work with the first position arm..they just started on ballet

Look! My student can fly! And thats shan shan in behind..the orange one

This is the students in my beginners class II. They look so enthusiastic XP except kelly - the little in the middle, she seems to be not in the situation yet

Happy little gals

Nice nice flower!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First Approach

Well, This is the first time i post something up in blogspot... actually, i used to have an account in blogger, its just that it has already been abundant since centuries ago XP. At first, I was so happy that i still remember the password for my blogger account, and when i was showing it to my frens...All of a sudden, a monster pop out a sentence "Eh, your blog very lousy lah. This is not even a blog, this is a blank page" =_= such a good description..i never think of such word la XP

And another thing is this monster is actually walking around the library and asking for vote for being the funniest clown..but in my point of view, i dun think he can be categorized as clowns, perhaps it will be more suitable to describe him as not-so-funny monster...^^

However, i have vote Johnson as the funniest clown..I know most of the people will be going for Avery, the monster...but never long as my vote was not for him...Haha....*Just kidding (dun get angry)

Other than that, i just heard my marketing lecturer mentioned that there will be a new cafeteria opening soon...And it seems to be an open-air cafeteria, where u can have the fresh air and sunlight surrounding u...what happened if it rain? =P