Sunday, May 27, 2007

Singapore..I'm Coming!!

I'll be going to Singapore soon! Very very soon! In fact its just few hours to go!

The flight is at 9pm tonight...very strange, my feeling are in both exciting and idea on what is happening. As I'll be at Singapore for 7 days...I'll miss you all..sniff sniff

However, don't think that Tyng Tyng is going there for fun. Actually, I'm going there for a summer school course. Which mean a week of full with dancing-training...and u know? The duration of practice is not short. From 9am till 4.15pm...wAH!! 8 hours and 15 minutes of dancing in everyday...My legs will be "ooH La La"..

The year before last year, when i was in Singapore, my life are like that. From morning dance till night time..However, on that time, my stamina is quite ok...a piece of chocolate can last for half a day of invigorating exercise...but now =_= dunno still got that kind of stamina onot...sigh...mayb it will recover back after these training in Singapore.
The Event Calendar...I'm going to the summer school and the celebration of dance and also the Asia Pacific Dance competition!!

Singapore Summer School's bulletin, I will be in level 6..hehe ^^

Asia Pacific Competition

Well, I got to go.. Wish me luck! All the best! I'll miss you all!! Must miss me too! Haha..

*can message me if u miss me, i'll still bring my original hp no =P

I will miss u all!! C you all in a week time!!! Sayonara!! Must miss me!!


saykhia said...

Is this the same thing Samantha is going to? She's going Singapore too ba.

Johnson said...

Aiseh! go singapore! My first choice vacation country!!! I wana go there!!! People here study, u at there dance. haha.. anyway, enjoy dancing with the help of Kit kat!

Eric said...

people old liao mah.. perhaps you need two chocolate bars to last you as long as last time.. =D

baitoey said...

are you going to the asia pecific dance compettition this year?