Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Freedom Finale

Finally its a rainbow out of the thunderstorm. One week of burying myself in the study rooms, have eyes closed with books around...At last, i can have myself sitting relax on the sofa, watching my favourite drama with a cup of hot nestum in front...

The days before was really nightmare. Everyday, by the moment i have my eyelid open up, the things that pop up at the very first second in my mind will be "cash flows, ratios..Thornton V Shoe Lane Parking, Godley V Perry, section 52 of corporation act...marketing research, product life cycle, product development...hypothesis testing, probability.." And the worst is, these subjects even run into my dreams to wake me up! And thats why i have several sleepless night last few days @_@ panda shadow surrounding

Thus this few days, i was actually in compete with time or it can be said as 'burning midnight oil'. Every second to me is very important: 'One second can read four words, 10 second will be a paragraph'. However, in order to practise this concept, much effort and sacrifice must be done..and it is not easy...everything is about speed

1. Speed eating
2. Speed drinking
3. Speed sleeping (less hour to sleep)
4. Speed showering
5. Speed reading
6. Speed writing
7. Speed chit chat with parents
8. Speed memorizing
and by the time you apply all these procedures, you will begin to feel the world is turning another way round as you are getting dizzy...

Talk about speed eating, the food i consume everyday in the morning is exactly no difference

Nestum 3 in 1 package nesvita

Rice Dumplings

This is really a so so nutritional breakfast..and the day before i took my law paper, i actually ate up four rice dumplings in a day as my meals =_= luckily i did not get myself in and out toilet as the consequences. In fact, i get my weight gain in consuming the four rice dumplings..

**About the Singapore postings, Im so sorry for postponing it so long...i will post it as soon as possible, including fathers day XP


Sam said...

I LOVE nesvita oat. Drink one packet a day!

Eric said...

speed drinking..? sounds like drink and speeding..