Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Im back from Singapore!!

Still remember the Asia Pacific Dance Competition i mentioned last time? I'm just back from the competition!

The performance of all the groups are amazing! Especially the Philippines, which came from Halili Cruz School of Ballet. I bet the choreographers must be figuring the patterns and steps out for a few nights even in their dreams.

About 50 dancers performing on stage, so unbelievable! How can the choreographers make such nice and sharp steps and the patterns for 50 dancers...Their steps were so united and even thier hair style are all the same: same length, same colour, same thickness..moreover, their costume was so perfect.

However, The Dance Academy Kuching has got runner-up prize in the category of group classical and national. 93 marks over 100! Our choreographer even mentioned that 'this was the first time i saw all of you so diligent and team work'! The dance was fantastic, we got a great applause from the audience. It was so sad that we cant took any picture during the competition as it was not allowed to do so. =(


Our flight was on 20th of July at 2:55pm. Dancers are inform to reach the airport before 1:55pm. And by the time i reach the airport was 1:45pm. Out of my expectation, majority of the dancers are already there and waiting to check in. This was actually quite strange, as according to my past experience, they will always appear themselves at the very last minutes. But that day was different..maybe it was because of the pressure given by our choreographer =P although there were few still appear at the very last minute..

Last checking on the luggage

The weight of 3 luggages by the dancers


During on flight, me and Angelina was busy looking at the scene outside the plane. Although others were chit chatting or sleeping or listening to music or reading, we were actually holding our olympus camera and busy clicking on the scene outside. And I found few cute and unique scenery..

The flying white smoke rushing out from the center

The speeding white cotton

The 'W' river..

I'm not very sure about the name of this river, I was actually caught by the shape of it. So cute.


Outside Sommerset condominium

Inside Singapore MRT

The MRT is quite full with people especially during their peak hours. People pushing people..However sometimes things will change out of sudden when theres a camera in front..And this is what happen to my friends

Busy posing to get a good shot =P


Sam said...

Congratulations!!! Omigosh!!! You won something! Did Halili Cruz sweep all the first prizes again?

Crystalbelle said...

yaya..they are awesome =)

Eric said...

isn't that adeline pei..?

-angelina- said...

im actually reading what i already know huh?? >.<

Crystalbelle said...

yaya..thats Adeline. You know her?
Angelina, thanks for reading..still have update version, waiting for your picture. =P