Saturday, October 20, 2007

Continue Swinburne 5 on 5 basketball competition

For the final game - Revolution VS East Side, it can be said as the main focus for the audience during that day. When it reach the time for these two teams to be on court, supporters from both teams were actually sitting quietly at the audience seat watching each team players warming up and planning for their tactics. Undeniably, both teams' strategies, strength and abilities are actually about the same level of standard. As so, no one can certain or forecast which team will be the final champion.

If it was judge by speed, Revolution will be the final winner. However, if it is judge by stability, defend and rebounds, East Side will be the champion.

However, out of the blue, East Side performance was gradually slowed down during the last match. Not very sure of what happen. It can obviously sees that their teamwork spirit was actually declining. The players seems to be desiring to score points by himself but not passing it to others although there was a 'high-defense' around him. One of the player got fouled out halfway through the game which actually disturbed many other member's emotion in the game, as he was actually the main player of the team.

The final result was quite shocking as we did not expect it would be such a comparison. About 10 marks difference. At first we thought, this two teams might only have slight difference of 2-4 marks. As so we were quite surprise to get the result announced.

I was actually quite sad as i was supporting East Side. But never mind, 1st runner up is not bad either, still got medals and a trophy to grab. XD

The result of Swinburne 5 on 5 Basketball Competition 2007:

Captain: John Ng (First row with blue jersey on the right)

East Side
Captain: Jackson Lim (Second row, second from the left)

Happy Go Lucky
Captain: Ian Tan (First Row, second from the right)

Hope that there will be more teams joining the competition next year. Gambateh everyone. You might be the next champion in Swinburne Basketball Competition. XD

Jackson Lim
Captain of East Side

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