Tuesday, November 13, 2007

International Dance Festival 07

Pictures from International Dance Festival this year!! Those who miss it get the chance to view it now..Haha...

Ever watch Tyng Tyng perform on stage? I bet most of you don't, never next year there will be a dance graduation day and you can have a chance to watch Tyng Tyng solo. XD

Now lets have a look on the International Dance Festival

Welcome the Kuching Dancers!

Thank you Thank you

Xin Jiang Costume

Miracle ensemble : Jazz

Modern Jazz in Freedom of Miracle ensemble

Miracle Ensemble : Chinese Dance Part

Modern Jazz

Chinese Dance

For your information, miracle ensemble is a dance that combines 3 types of dances: Chinese dance, Modern Jazz and Ballet.

A demi character dance:
Symphony of the Sea

With Hong Kong Dancers

With Philipines Dancers

There will be a dance graduation ceremony on January next year in 2008. Finally I'm graduate.
Please do come for the concert. =D

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